CRIMES OF THE FUTURE masterfully challenges its audience

This is a film that incites an array of conversations – moreso than any other film I can think of in recent memory. I think that’s largely accomplished because of its novel subject material which so excellently touches on points of sensitivity in the current culture.

The Oscars and the Culture of Narcissism

This is what is at the bottom of Hollywood’s culture. A culture where everyone wants to be lied to about their importance. Everyone wants to ascertain prestige because prestige is the only thing anyone else cares about. It’s how people get funding, or attract talent to their films, or accomplish anything with powerbrokers in the industry like Weinstein. If for some reason you discover a person is undeserving of their position you are incentivized to keep that to yourself.

arthur, with You Cant Kill Meme poster to the left


I feel pretty strongly about all the movies on my list this year. They’re all fantastic movies and in addition to that a lot of them are very unique. The art form continues to morph to the times and it’s very exciting.

THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS is novel, heartfelt, and polarizing

I think it is uncontroversial to say there has never been a movie like this before and there likely will never be a blockbuster made in this way ever again. This movie was an attempt from a creator to retain their creative integrity in the face of their work becoming commercialized. This movie makes you feel for the creator’s dilemma, but also makes you ok with the future of this franchise. I think that’s a rare accomplishment and this movie got there in an unconventional way.


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