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I feel pretty strongly about all the movies on my list this year. They’re all fantastic movies and in addition to that a lot of them are very unique. The art form continues to morph to the times and it’s very exciting.

THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS is novel, heartfelt, and polarizing

I think it is uncontroversial to say there has never been a movie like this before and there likely will never be a blockbuster made in this way ever again. This movie was an attempt from a creator to retain their creative integrity in the face of their work becoming commercialized. This movie makes you feel for the creator’s dilemma, but also makes you ok with the future of this franchise. I think that’s a rare accomplishment and this movie got there in an unconventional way.

What We Lost on 9/11

September 11th ushered in an era of disillusionment. In all the ways 9/11 seems so long ago, before the financial crash, before the tech monopolies, before the presidency of Donald Trump, before COVID-19, it is still the defining event of the modern day. Our country exists in a perennial state of judgement by its own people.


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