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Arthur Augustyn


Today, I work in strategic political communications — which sounds very impressive — but all writers know the start of their craft has more dubious origins. In High School I wrote movie reviews and in my spare time I posted 500-word arguments for why the Xbox 360 was better than the Playstation 3. I was VERY popular.

At some point in my 10,000+ posts on GameWinners.com, I realized I had more experience writing than anything else. I went to school for journalism, switched to communications, worked in the film industry, switched back to a journalism career, wrote for a local paper, a regional paper, and a state paper before I ended up in strategic communications.

All of this is to say, my life has taken me many places but my writing has joined me throughout all of it. Feather Ruffler is the place where I can post my thoughts.

Some gigs I’ve had before…
  • Director of Communications, City of Stamford
  • Managing Editor, TalkXbox.com
  • Business Reporter, NJBIZ (politics, technology, education, and cannabis)
  • YouTube Channel Creator and Producer

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