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Arthur Augustyn

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A requirement for good writing is the capability to be honest with your own thoughts. Throughout my career as a journalist, communications specialist, and recreational film critic, I’ve developed a reliable ethic based on honesty.

I started this website to provide a home for my various musings regardless of my professional career. Obviously, none of what I write here is representative of anyone’s beliefs other than my own. Really, my writing is often in pursuit of discovering what I think and is never a “final word” on any subject.

If you’d like to contact me, you can send me an email at arthur [at] featherruffler [dot] com. I’ve placed brackets around the punctuation to mitigate spam bots. You can also find me on most social platforms under @ArthurAugustyn including Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

My writing career has taking me down many paths, I’ll share a few below.

I started writing in video game forum communities including Gamespot, Destructoid, and Gamewinners when I was in High School. I started a video game review YouTube channel in 2007 and taught myself video and audio production as well as editing experience with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, and Sony Vegas (P.S. Vegas is terrible, do not use it). My content was picked up by an editor at TalkXbox.com, where I quickly became Managing Editor. I was given the position to develop TalkXbox’s site and coverage along with our team of freelancers. Much of this experience was while I attended college. Although I continue to do freelance video game coverage to this day, I’ve mostly retired this part of my career.

After I graduated from Pace University, I had the opportunity to work in the Los Angeles film making industry. I worked on hundreds of sets as a Camera Assistant, Digital Imaging Technician, and Production Assistant. I also worked as a Social Media Manager for a graphics company. I used this experience to further my production experience for my own videos.

In 2016, I made my entry into traditional journalism as City Reporter for The Malibu Times in Malibu, California. Everyone is in awe when they hear I worked in Malibu, but I found the city to be much like everywhere else in the country. Every city has similar problems and identical stakeholders. I continued to work in journalism through to 2018 where I was a Reporter at the New Jersey business journal NJBIZ. I covered Politics, Education, Technology, and the prospective legal Cannabis industry (which has since been legalized).

In 2018, I left journalism and became the Director of Communications for the City of Stamford. My time reporting on small towns served me well in this position where I was now in charge of keeping the public informed and communicating with the press. This proved vital during the COVID-19 pandemic, where I started a Daily COVID-19 Update for the City of Stamford — including weekends and holidays. During the early days of the pandemic, this newsletter was the only information source local residents had for service updates, new regulations or guidelines, and where they could get supplies.

I stayed with the City of Stamford until May 2021 when I submitted my resignation. Like many others, the pandemic illuminated to me how precious our time on this earth can be. I wanted to move on and explore other options. I ended up returning to political communications two months later when I joined the Caroline Simmons for Mayor campaign as Deputy Campaign Manager. My biggest contribution to the campaign was drafting and producing Mayor Simmons’ policy videos available on her website. Together, we defeated a two-term incumbent and a celebrity candidate to elect Stamford’s first female mayor. After the campaign, I went back to considering my next move.

Whatever comes next, I will almost certainly continue posting videos about my favorite movies.


Find me on the following social channels, or send me an email at arthur [at] featherruffler [dot] com.

Arthur Augustyn

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