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The Menu is unconvincing and simply bad

The Menu is a great film to watch if you’re one of those delusional people who complains about everyone else without realizing you’re the problem.

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THE FABELMANS is Spielberg’s best work in 15 years

I loved a lot of specific scenes and sequences in this movie. I thought they were some of the best examples of Spielberg’s classical filmmaking style and that’s why I enjoyed this film so much. At the same time, I thought the story set up that this movie would be about the relationship someone builds with filmmaking while experiencing a failed family unit, but it didn’t do that to the degree I hoped.

TAR feels like a treasure preserved from the past

I loved the experience of discovering this film’s world and discovering Lydia Tar’s character. The execution and presentation of Lydia’s experience is full of deeply affecting film techniques and complex ambiguities that invite considered interpretation

EMILY THE CRIMINAL is about scammers and suckers

Emily the Criminal has a narrow scope, but it undeniably presents a common view that our system has been corrupted and largely runs off of exploitation. Following that theme through Emily’s story in this film was engaging, the tension was gripping, and I really enjoyed it.

CRIMES OF THE FUTURE masterfully challenges its audience

This is a film that incites an array of conversations – moreso than any other film I can think of in recent memory. I think that’s largely accomplished because of its novel subject material which so excellently touches on points of sensitivity in the current culture.


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