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MISSING uses its novel framing for an effective thriller

Missing doesn’t reach the quality of its predecessor, but if you’re looking for something casual to keep you engaged, this does that just fine.

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I think 2022 was a great year for movies. It feels like movies are back. Disney is floundering in the post-Avengers landscape. Netflix is failing. I think businesses are getting tired of churning out generic crap and audiences are sick of watching it. We’ve paved the way for actual filmmakers to return. I’m excited for…

THE WHALE is elevated by Brendan Fraser’s sincere portrayal

Your relationship with these characters will never be in the same place from beginning to end. You may end up in the same spot, but you’ll be there with more context on the character. These moments where you get exposed to the full context of a character and you can feel your relationship with them…


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