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M3GAN’s humor proves more compelling than its horror

M3gan is a horror comedy film but it abandons its comedic tone in favor of traditional horror but it doesn’t have any convincing scares.

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I think 2022 was a great year for movies. It feels like movies are back. Disney is floundering in the post-Avengers landscape. Netflix is failing. I think businesses are getting tired of churning out generic crap and audiences are sick of watching it. We’ve paved the way for actual filmmakers to return. I’m excited for…

THE WHALE is elevated by Brendan Fraser’s sincere portrayal

Your relationship with these characters will never be in the same place from beginning to end. You may end up in the same spot, but you’ll be there with more context on the character. These moments where you get exposed to the full context of a character and you can feel your relationship with them…

THE FABELMANS is Spielberg’s best work in 15 years

I loved a lot of specific scenes and sequences in this movie. I thought they were some of the best examples of Spielberg’s classical filmmaking style and that’s why I enjoyed this film so much. At the same time, I thought the story set up that this movie would be about the relationship someone builds…

TAR feels like a treasure preserved from the past

I loved the experience of discovering this film’s world and discovering Lydia Tar’s character. The execution and presentation of Lydia’s experience is full of deeply affecting film techniques and complex ambiguities that invite considered interpretation


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